Compare Cubic Zirconia Stones to Diamond Carat Weight and Quality

Published: 24th November 2008
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We are going to explain to you in this guide the equivalent size and quality of cubic zirconium also known as cubic zirconia or cz in relation to real diamonds.

CZ diamonds are man made manufactured diamonds that are usually hard, colorless and flawless, all attributes that are highly desirable for real natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are gemstones and are the most desired of all the gems.

Diamonds are usually described in a weight measurement called a Carat which is 200 milligrams. Since cubic zirconia is a bit less dense than actual diamonds, it is easier to describe a cz stone in terms of actual size not its carat weight. Since a lot of people don't really understand the metric value here is a breakdown:

4.0mm round: 0.25 tcw
5.0mm round: 0.50 tcw
5.5mm round: 0.66 tcw
6.0mm round: 0.75 tcw
6.5mm round: 1.00 tcw
7.0mm round: 1.25 tcw
7.5mm round: 1.50 tcw
8.0mm round: 2.00 tcw
8.5mm round: 2.50 tcw
9.0mm round: 3.00 tcw
9.5mm round: 3.50 tcw
10.0mm round: 4.00 tcw
10.5mm round: 4.50 tcw
11.0mm round: 5.00 tcw
TCW stands for Total Carat Weight.

Many attributes come into play when picking out a natural diamond. One of those traits is color. The most desired color of diamond is a totally colorless diamond. In reality almost no gems are truly perfect as they have some amount of color or inclusion created by the earth.

Cubic Zirconia diamonds are able to be produced so that none of these visual imperfections are able to be noticed to the naked eye. It has been said that some professional jewelers have trouble distinguising between a real diamond and a synthetic cz diamond.

Although CZ stones have been sold on the market for many years they are just now becoming an important fashion role in women's jewelry design

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